Stonk Whispers

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A real-time measure of penny stock chatter.

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Put that GPU to work mining for ETH (generate passive income for stonks)

Your journey into mining with a video card, starts at Mining Pool Hub

Create an account with Mining Pool Hub. You are going to need a mining pool unless you are running something like 50+ RTX 3090s.

All pools charge a fee; MPH charges 0.9% on what you mine.

Download the mining software

To start mining Ethereum, you need mining software. PhoenixMiner is a feature-rich miner that’s gained in popularity since the DAG surpassed 4GB, obsoleting 4GB cards. Download and extract the latest version.

Every miner I’ve ever used gets flagged as some sort of virus or malware. You are going to have to trust one of them. I encourage you to learn more from the folks on the official PhoenixMiner thread.

Just like mining pools, mining software charges a fee. The PhoenixMiner developers charge 0.65%.

Configure the miner

Right-click on the start_miner file and select Edit. Delete the second-to-last line in the file, the one that starts with PhoenixMiner.exe. Paste the following line in its place:

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal stonkwhispers.1 -pass x -proto 1 -ttli 80

In that same line, replace stonkwhispers with your MPH username and save the file.

Start mining

From the PhoenixMiner folder, double-click on the start_miner file and watch your gpu get work.

Get your ETH into your own wallet

Congrats! You are mining! Now it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to get your ETH out of the pool and into your wallet. Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange to make that happen. There are other exchanges out there, but Coinbase is where you want to be.

Once you’re all set up with Coinbase, you’ll need to follow their instructions to find your ETH wallet address. Copy and paste it into the PAYMENT ADDRESS, set the AUTOMATIC PAYOUT THRESHOLD on your MPH wallet page and you’re generating passive income!