Stonk Whispers

People talk, we listen

A real-time measure of penny stock chatter.

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About the scanner

What is the stonk scanner?

The stonk scanner is a trading tool that screens comments in real-time for stock tickers from everyones' favorite penny stock launchpad, the /r/pennystocks subreddit.

How can I benefit from the stonk scanner?

That's completely up to you! The stonk scanner can be used to help find the penny stocks that get you to the moon or it could alert you to the ones you shouldn't touch with a 10ft pole. We're thinking of it as a real-time, volume-indicating penny stock watchlist.

Here are a few scenarios

  • Imagine seeing a small pullback from a pop in a stock. Oh interesting, did I miss it? Let me see how many people are talking about it...I think we have a play here.
  • Somehow the Daddy wake up alarm was snoozing itself, so that means you have two choices: coffee or surf the sub for hurried list of plays. Alright superman, you chose both...the rest of us chose to pull up the charts of the top 5 talked about names with our iced vanilla bean coconutmilk latte...because that's how much time you save.

How does the stonk scanner work?

We're screening for tickers in what's being talked about on the /r/pennystocks subreddit.

  • Any comment with a ticker
  • Any comment within a thread that has a ticker in the title